EmstoPA has a small but experienced management team, with a combined 70+ years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Vast experience within Cardiovascular, Project Management, running biological trials and drug discovery, we are fully committed to seeing EmstoPA flourish as a much needed antidote for tPA complications within Ischaemic Strokes

Dr. Charles Phillips


Charles Phillips, MD, MBA is responsible for the clinical development plan and providing the overall management strategy for the project.

He has worked for big pharma in both research and commercial roles holding senior management positions and has worked on both sides of the Atlantic. He has particular expertise in regulatory submission (Edoxaban), cardiovascular drugs (Fondaparinux), antibodies and reversal agents. Charles is based in the UK.

Dr. James C. Keith Jr.


James C. Keith, Jr., D.V.M., Ph.D. is responsible for the Pre-clinical development plan.

He has a distinguished career as an academic running his own research lab, and in biotech including early stage companies. He leads the project’s scientific efforts in vascular biology and hemostasis/thrombosis and preclinical study design and implementation.

He has worked for big pharma in pre-clinical research as well as holding senior management positions and has extensive therapeutic expertise in coagulation pathways, development of biologics and animal models. Jim is based in the US.

Frances Holmwood


Frances Holmwood, BSc, is responsible for the project management, contracting, IP and co-ordination of project activities.

She has worked in big pharma for 20 years in a variety of research based roles, including synthetic chemistry, chemical IP and patent writing, data and information management and business management. More recently she has provided project management support to a number of Pharmaceutical R&D start-up companies. She is based in the UK.